Six Pack ABS Toner| ABS Exerciser | Gym Six Pack Cruncher

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  • Six Pack Fitness, Full Abdominal, crunch, and Sit-Up Exerciser - Lean Body Maximizer. 10 in 1 Mini Home Gym Arm Straps and Head Rest Included - 2 Resistance Straps + 6 Resistance Springs Adjustable in Length between 45" to 54" ab Trainer for Abdomen Support Men & Women
  • Different types of workouts.Perfect for those with back problems. Get relaxing upper body stretch Six Pack Care Targets upper, middle, lower abs, waistline as well as obliques
  • Targets upper, middle, lower abs, waistline as well as obliques, With cushioned and massaging back support, giving a more comfortable use Designed to provide dual resistance More than 180-degree range of motions Offers adjustable resistance Levels to suit all fitness levels, Get relaxing upper body stretch Allows 6 different types of workout, Perfect for those with a back problem
  • Multicolor

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