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* Cricket Guide

We at SportsKingdom is trying to help our website user to select best cricket gear as per there playing style and body structure. We all know that different level of players are having different need for cricketing goods. This Guide is designed and developed by SportsKingdom Cricket Experts With some useful tips for buying the Cricket Goods Online.

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* Cricket Bat Size Guide:

Cricket Bat Size is a very Important parameter while you go for selecting the bat. If you select wrong size then it could impact your playing style up to great extent .Cricket Bats are divided into two categories: 

Full Size Cricket Bats:

Full Size cricket bats are most suitable for players age more than 15 Yrs , if we compare with height so it will be more Than 5 Ft-7”.The Full Size Cricket Bats are having standard width and height as per standard of cricket council (ICC). Bat Handle size may vary and again its depends on cricketer playing style and cricketer body type. Short Handle cricket bats are preferred for ground shot while long handle would be preferred for big shots. With long Handle cricket bat , Batsman gets more bat swing and approach. If your height is more than 6 Ft then it is recommended to select the longer bat handle.

Cricket Bats Size

 Junior Cricket Bats :

The Size of Junior Bats Vary from size 1 to size 6. It is important and recommended to refer below mention table while chose the junior cricket bats. This table will help young cricketers to chose right cricket bat size as per players age and height.

* Weight of Cricket Bat:

Weight of the cricket bat is to be taken as crucial parameter as its impact on cricketer performance. A heavy cricket bat gives more bat swing and powerful strokes but on other hand it wouldn't allow you to go for shaper cuts and drive shot. The weight of a full size cricket bat vary from 2 lb 6oz to 3 lb 2 oz. Normally Bad Manufacturer categorized to bat weight into 3 types. You can see to table for weight ranges in these categories. Heavier Bats are best suited for players who wants to hit the ball with more power and punch. Heavier bats contain more wood and give more punch for hitting the ball but it restrict to sharper movement of bat. Medium weight cricket bats are give balance of power and swing. These bats give perfect cricket strokes selections.Light weight bats are good for players who wants to time the ball well with the help of share movement of bat. These bats are situated for technically correct cricket players.

Cricket Bats Weight

* Cricket Bat Grain Concept and its Impact of Cricket Bat Performance:

For a cricketer , it is very important to understand the critical parameters of a cricket bats. Critical parameters of cricket bat consists of Handle type (Long Handle or short Handle), Weight of the Cricket Bat , Balance of Cricket Bat , Willow type , Willow grade and grain size. Grains of the willow is very Important aspect as its impact the bat performance up to a great extent.
 In other words we can say that grains on cricket bat decide the bat performance. A Cricket Bat grains vary from 5 grains to 20 grains. The shape of the grains may be wider or narrow. Wider grains means less grain number while narrow grain means more grain on cricket bats. Both shapes weather its narrow or wider grain are having there won advantages or disadvantages.
   Grade one and two willow is the best willow but it is not necessary that it will play good. Grade one willow will have straight grain on face and 5 grain will be visible on face. For a perfect cricket bat if manufactures are using grade one willow then its important that there should no odd small knot on playing area. 
   Grade 3 willow is also a good quality willow type. It is a bleached willow which is having the half colour on bat but there is no relation of colour of willow its playing ability . The grains of grade three willow may not be perfectly straight. This willow consists of 4 numbers of grains. There will be some small knot may visitble on willow face.
   Grade four willow is bleached willow which is having half colour. This type of willow could have any number of grains
   If a bat is having less then 6 grains then it will called as wide grain bat. If a tree is grown faster then it means it will give narrow grain willow.
   There are some other factors effect the grains size and it quality those are soil quality and amount of water.

* Shape of the bat:

As a normal practice shape of the bat is vary manufacturer to manufacturer. Profile or shape of the bat should be choose careful which suits your playing style. For a normal or new player , it is recommended to chose traditionally designed shape with mid to low sweet spot. For hard hitter, players needs to chose bad with extra thick edge and large bow. This kind of profile will give additional power and swing to bad for making good stocks.
   Position of Sweet Spot: Position of Sweet Spot in a Cricket Bat is very critical because it is decide the playing style of cricketer. A low sweet spot means , it is closer to bottom to cricketer bat. This profile of cricket bat would be suitable for front foot drive. This shape is normally common in traditionally designed bats.
   Higher Sweet Spot Mean , Position higher up the bat. This gives additional power when ball hits bat higher up. Normally this profile will be suitable for players who like to play cut and pull shot.
   Length of the sweet spot is very important , Long sweet spot covers more area means it gives more opportunities to play power shots. But Longer Sweet sport with extra wood will be heavier which some don’t suit the player who want cut shots. If you want to restrict the power then so must chose the smaller sweet spot. Smaller spot will have less wood.

Cricket Bat size@khelmart

* How to care the cricket Bat?

Once you select costly Cricket Bat the next very important question comes into your mind will be “How to care the Bat” as you have putted money and you time to get this this. Properly cared bat will give you more accurate results in cricket ground and serve you long.    Following are the Key Steps for caring any cricket Bat:

KNOCKING IN:  Some costly cricket bats comes in pre knocked condition while for other you may need proper knock in. Kashmir willow cricket bats don’t required the knocking. Knocking is process in which edges of cricket bat is compressed and stick. This Process is required-4-5 hours of work. Knocking process required cricket bat mallet. Start the knocking process from edges of cricket bat. Start with gentle process and gradually improve it.
   Use very thin coat of linseed oil with soft cotton to bat front face , edges and toe , this will prevent the bat wood from swelling as bat comes contact to water. Keep Bat in horizontal position after applying the oil and leave it for 24 hours. There is no need of applying the linseed oil if bat is having the protecting cover.
   A toe cover in bat would help in eliminating in swelling and could also eliminate the wear and tear on bat edges. Before starting the batting season you must oil the bat 2 weeks before. After from this always do a regular check of all edges , toe gaud and protective cover so that you can an advance view of unavoidable situation.

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