Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, with a sizable fan base and a long history. Being the most prevalent sport, it is typically referred to as a national obsession. Batting, bowling, and fielding are three main elements that make up the sport of cricket. Cricket items are easily available in various sports stores, both Offline as well as Online. Let’s have a look at both these modes to purchase the cricket items.

Several online stores specialize in selling cricket equipment. One such store is SportsKingdom Stores, which offers a wide variety of cricket equipment from top brands such as ADIDAS, SS, SG, SF, KOOKABURRA, SIGMA, and many more.  One can easily browse through the products, know details about the same, and choose the most suitable ones as per their requirement. To further smoothen customers’ purchase experience, a Full Cricket Set Size Guide is also available for some of the top brands, along with the product description. The major advantage of purchasing these items online is to get coach-recommended products easily and the same will be delivered right to your doorstep. However, some people prefer to buy cricket items from physical sports stores only. Nevertheless, the SportsKingdom Store is ready to cater to these customers through their store. The SportsKingdom Store in Dhanori, Pune Maharashtra allows customers to try on the equipment before making the purchase. In addition to all standard cricket equipment, SportsKingdom Stores also deals in a wide range of products in fitness accessories and other sports like football, table tennis, volleyball, and others. 

The key aspect of the game of cricket is the Cricket Kit. A cricket kit typically contains all the necessary equipment and clothing for a player to participate in the game. The exact items included in a cricket kit may vary depending on the level of play, but would generally include the following: Cricket Bat, Stumps, Pads, Gloves, Cricket Helmet, and Cricket Ball. A cricket kit may also include the wicketkeeper's gloves and pads, the batsman's arm guard, and the wicketkeeper and batsman's chest guard. Here are some of the Cricket Kits available in both online and offline mode at the SportsKingdom Stores. 

  1. ADIDAS Full Cricket Kit - Pellara (Set of 8 items)
  2. SG Full Cricket Kit (Set of 7 items)
  3. SF Full Cricket Kit - Premium (Set of 8 items)
  4. SS Kashmir Willow Full Cricket Kit (Set of 7 items)
  5. SG My First Cricket Kit For Kids (Hardik Pandya)
  6. SS My Colt Cricket Kit (Ravindra Jadeja)
  7. SG My First Cricket Kit (KL Rahul)

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