ADIDAS Full Cricket Kit - Pellara (Set of 8 items)

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  • Best quality cricket set for sports cricket players Ideal for training or recreational purposes available in various sizes for different age groups
  • One Cricket Bat Made with Best Quality Kashmir Willow. 1 Pair Leather Batting Gloves with pre-curved filled finger rolls for protection flexibility and comfort.
  • 1 pc EM Helmet with high impact resistant polypropylene outer shell.. 1 Arm Guard made from high quality.
  • 1 Pair Batting Pad With Traditional Cane Construction for maximum shock absorption
  • 1 thigh Pad that is made from high-quality material.. 1 Abdominal Guard that is made with a Traditionally shaped padded guard.  

                                                              Full Cricket Set Size Guide- 

Age Size
6 - 8 Years Small Boys (3)
9-10 Years Small Boys (4)
10-12 Years Boys (5)
12-14 Years Youth (6)
15 Years and above Medium/Standard Adult (F)

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